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How To Go Solar

Going solar is easier than ever. Here are some easy steps to help you get started in the process: 

1st Step - Find the best unshaded location on your property. We can install solar panels on your rooftop, ground mounted, or we can design a custom structure. 

2nd Step - Collect your electric bills for the recent 12 month period so we can analyze your energy use throughout the year. 

3rd Step - Call our team to setup a site survey and consultation so we can learn more about your project needs. We will walk you through the process from start to finish and ensure that you can take advantage of all of the local and federal incentives. 

Whether you are an off grid customer using batteries or a grid-tie utility customer, solar energy is easier than ever, there are numerous financing options available, some utilities offer solar rebates to their customers, and there is also a 30% Federal Tax Credit to offset the cost of your system price (Tax Credit expires at the end of 2016)! Businesses also receive additional solar energy depreciation tax incentives that reduces the system cost even further. Find Out More 

You can go solar one panel at a time or install a large array at once based on your energy needs and budget. Solar is modular, so you can add a few solar panels at a time in order to reach your long term goals. You can also add a battery backup system in the future if you would like to build your own private battery backup storage system for your home or business. Call our team today! 

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Solar Energy Installation

Solar Energy Ground Mount, Solar Water Well Pump, & Battery Backup Storage System for Off Grid Living. 

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"Thanks for coming all the way down here to fix up my solar system, especially for such a fine job. It's so good to have more confidence in the solar system with added battery backup. It's such an excellent solar system, and I'm so proud to have it. I can't thank you guys enough! Hope to see y'all again soon."

Gordee - Glorieta, NM
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