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Off Grid Solar Kit - 3.06kW or 3060 Watts

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Off Grid Solar Kit - 3.06kW or 3060 Watts Total

Solar Kit Includes:

  • Astronergy Solar Panels (depending on availability and supply at the time of order, ask our team which panels are available at this time)
  • 1 Four Star Solar Mini Magnum MS4448PAE Power Center
  • 1 Midnite Solar Charge Controller 150
  • 1 MidNite MNPV-6, 6 Position Combiner Box 150V
  • UL Listed cables, breakers and surge suppressors
  • Battery's sold separately based on energy needs
  • Racking NOT included, please call our team so we can help customize your mounting and racking needs for your project
  • Call us today to customize your solar system size and battery backup system size based on your needs

Off Grid AC Solar System Benefits:

  • Perfect for running small refrigerators, TV's, laptops, LED lighting, power tools, etc.  
  • This inverter converts the DC electricity produced by your solar panels into a clean form of AC electricity that is compatible with sensitive electronics like TV's and computers. You won't get background fuzz on your stereo or weird lines on the TV screen.

* SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED, custom shipping quotes will be given for each system based on shipping location. 

Call Off Grid Hardware to customize any off-grid solar project you may have: 1-800-357-0997. 

Have questions? Call our team today!

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"Thanks for coming all the way down here to fix up my solar system, especially for such a fine job. It's so good to have more confidence in the solar system with added battery backup. It's such an excellent solar system, and I'm so proud to have it. I can't thank you guys enough! Hope to see y'all again soon."

Gordee - Glorieta, NM
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