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Renewable Energy Incentives & Programs

There are numerous tax incentives, rebates, and programs across the USA to assist you in going solar! 

The term Off Grid, or being independent of the public utilities (electricity, water, etc.), is a real way of life for many Americans and people all around the world.  Renewable Energy and Sustainability techniques are dependable long term investments whether you are off grid or grid connected.  You can reduce your carbon footprint by using a clean source of energy, reduce energy infrastructure costs for your home or business, go off grid with battery backup systems, and save money on your utility bills for life.  You can invest in your long term energy needs while taking advantage of Federal and Local renewable energy incentives (when available) along the way.

Renewable Energy Rebates, Tax Credits, & National Incentives:

There are numerous Federal/State/Local incentives available to help you go solar or increase your energy efficiency today:  (1) 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for all solar energy customers, (2) Local Utility Rebates when applicable, (3) State Tax Credits, (4) Commercial Tax Incentives for businesses, and many programs to help assist people along the way to sustainability.  Be sure to check out the sites below so you can begin your journey into renewable energy and energy efficiency.

DSIRE is the best starting point to learn more about the incentives in your region. If you have any questions, our team is here to help guide you through the process from start to finish, so don't hesitate to call us today with any questions regarding local or federal incentives for renewable energy.

We will be updating the technical information on this page on a regular basis.  If you have questions regarding an incentive program or anything in our product catalog, please contact us today!

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"Thanks for coming all the way down here to fix up my solar system, especially for such a fine job. It's so good to have more confidence in the solar system with added battery backup. It's such an excellent solar system, and I'm so proud to have it. I can't thank you guys enough! Hope to see y'all again soon."

Gordee - Glorieta, NM
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